IT Cost Cutting Strategy & Plan

¿Is you IT organization a Cost Center? a Service Provider? or a Strategic partner for the Business?

DilettUX´s approach is based on understanding your current position in the business economic cycle, establishing a corresponding response mode and identifying key budget and cost management goals. These inputs will enable you to target initiatives within and across four focus areas to achieve the budget and cost management goals you have set out and to develop an action plan to achieve them.

DilettUX can create a budget action plan tailored to your organization:

These are the steps we follow to build the strategy:

Cost Optimization as a must.
We start defining the budget optimization requirements, reviewing the IT Capex & Opex and projecting the evolution of IT service demand.

• Defining Cost optimization objectives.
We analize budget impact scenarios in order to provide guiding principles for cost optimization.

• Collecting a long list of cost optimization initiatives.

 Our deliverable is a list of possible cost management actions and enablers.

 Filtering key initiatives based on its cost effect.

 We priorize and detail each initiative according to its cost effect.

 Cost optimization plan.

 Finally we deliver the cost optimization plan for the year.


At the end of this consultancy you will be able to identify organizational goals for budget and cost management. Your goals will relate directly to several factors such as:

  • Identify your organization’s position in the business cycle and corresponding response mode (Reactive, Proactive or Strategic)
  • Current budget cycle and budget constraints
  • Business strategy and IT strategy

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