Project Portfolio
Management Diagnostic

Only 49% of project capacity is used productively by the average organization. 

Ensure Project Portfolio Management creates effective alignment
with organizational goals and leverages resource capacity.

Optimize your project portfolio management processes and resource utilization!

Frequently asked questions:

• Who does this go out to? Portfolio owner, typically the CIO or head of PMO
• How long will it take participants to complete the survey?
15-20 minutes
• How many questions are there? 24 questions
• What is the target participation rate? 100%
• Are anonymous results available? No
• How is the survey invitation sent? CIO sends survey link to PMO staff (if needed)
• Is benchmarking data available? Yes
• Is there a built in yearover-year comparison? Yes
• What preparatory documents are required? None
• Can I customize the questions? No


Use our Project Portfolio Management Scorecard to:
• Understand your current strengths and weaknesses
• Eliminate waste and increase project throughput
• Establish appropriate priorities and manage expectations

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