IT Strategy for Small Businesses

Get in front of your workload with a right-sized and business-aligned IT strategy.

“An IT strategy aligned to business priorities helps gain the needed support to find the balance between the day-to-day and securing your role in the business’s future. Without a strategy, IT’s capacity will remain challenged and their capabilities viewed as purely supportive or accessorial.” – Ben Mackle, ITRG.

Discern the implications from the business context:

Don’t build a strategy to appease executives or view it as a request for permission. You’re making the case for the enhancements to the whole organization’s capabilities through the technology you deliver and operate.

Business stakeholders cannot translate how IT initiatives will help achieve their objectives or mitigate risk. Explain IT’s role in value creation and share the ownership of tech risk.

Small Businesses invariably have less capacity, talent and tools to meet to meet a similar demand to Large Enterprises. Prioritization is imperative to success, as is conveying how all gaps impact the business.

Clearly communicate to business executives how IT will support the organization’s key objectives and initiatives  and demonstrate to business executives and the IT organization how the IT strategy was created.

DilettUX will help you to align your IT strategic roadmap with you Digital Transformation strategy!


Use our IT Strategy for Small Businesses consultancy to:

• Create an IT strategy using an efficient and logical process.

• Visualize IT’s target state and articulate how it will empower the organization’s success. 

• Develop the IT target state and IT initiatives designed to optimize business performance and enhance IT maturity.

• Communicate the IT strategy to key stakeholders.

• Drive internal and external IT alignment through a common vision and a shared sense of purpose. 

• Create a collection of initiatives that streamline progression to the target IT state.

• Establish a roadmap of initiatives to achieve the future of IT.

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