IT Security Governance &
Management Diagnostic

Only 33% of IT staff regularly receive security training.  

You have threats you don’t even know about, and they are knocking at your door ready to boot you out of your job. Be confident in your security systems so when breaches happen, you are ready.

Become proactive in your IT security management! Collect key  enterprise data to effectively assess and manage IT security, achieve
confidence and adaptability in security practices, and get buy-in from business leaders.

Frequently asked questions:

• Who does this go out to? IT security leader
• How long will it take participants to complete the survey?
10-15 minutes
• How many questions are there? 60 questions
• What is the target participation rate? 100%
• Are anonymous results available? No
• How is the survey invitation sent? CIO sends survey link to IT security leaders and managers (if needed)
• What preparatory documents are required? None
• Can I customize the questions? No
• Is benchmarking data available? Yes
• Is there a built in yearover-year comparison? Yes


Run our IT Security Governance & Management Diagnostic to evaluate your:

• Security culture
• Auditing
• Compliance management
• Policy and process governance                     

• Event and incident management
• Risk analysis
• Vulnerability management
• IAM (Identity Access Management)

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