IT Organization Design &
Staffing Diagnostic

67% of IT staff time is spent on administration and maintenance.

Ensure your staffing resources are properly deployed. Get the data you need to redeploy or hire more people!

Frequently asked questions:

• Who does this go out to? All IT personnel, including the CIO
• How long will it take participants to complete the survey? 15 minutes
• How many questions are there? 6 questions + 5 questions per IT function selected
• What is the target participation rate? 100% 
• Are anonymous results available? No
• How is the survey invitation sent? DilettUX sends uniquely addressed survey links via email to identified participants                   • What preparatory documents are required?
– IT Org & Staffing Contact Upload Template
• Can I customize the questions? No
• Is benchmarking data available? Yes
• Is there a built in yearover-year comparison? No


Our IT Organizational Design & Staffing Survey will help:
• Demonstrate the relationship between staffing levels and IT performance
• Engage your team on how to improve IT by assessing 7 drivers of effectiveness
• Evaluate resource time spent on high value versus low value activities

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