Infrastructure Roadmap

Infrastructure is a vast history of technology choices and decisions.

In the current context, individual business units have the ability to purchase and deploy technology with minimal oversight, resulting in duplication of efforts at best and extreme operational risk at worst. 

Project portfolio management is focused exclusively on delivering new features and functions. Priorities and goals change quickly compared to platform delivery times.

Some insights and considerations from ITRG:

• Draw the first picture. Demonstrate your understanding to the business and let them validate or correct.

• Infrastructure must position itself as the broker for new technologies. Who better to evaluate for fit, fitness, and risk? Lead rather than play cleanup.

• Focus on the framework not the output. Speak “business” so they understand the process rather than fight for each outcome.

• The roadmap is a process, not a static document. It is never final – merely a snapshot of many little steps throughout the period.


This consultancy will help you to:

• Actively manage the communication channels between the business and Infrastructure – adopt a proactive approach rather than relying on passive requests.

• Develop a framework for Infrastructure to suggest initiatives that are in line with the business prioritization and goal process.

• Review platforms and assets routinely to ensure their usefulness is in line with their risk and maintenance.

• Institutionalize the ongoing exploration and evaluation of new technologies by Infrastructure to place them in the proper enterprise context.

• Socialize the roadmap early and often; take an iterative and interactive rather than monolithic and dictatorial approach.

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