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We focus on transforming IT services, adding value to the business, through our highly experienced team, our service culture, supported in world-class methodologies and practices.


Our Services

IT Assessments

As a certified partner of Info-Tech Research Group, DilettUX starts by working with you running an agreed set of survey-based diagnostics. Using powerful analytic engines, we build reports that help your IT department make critical decisions. 

IT as enabler of Digital Transformation

To survive, organizations must digitally transform to fit customer needs. Take DilettUX’s customer-centric approach to execute and sustain a transformation to maximize the value of digital initiatives. Identify early on the value that IT can offer to digital, and insert IT into the domain to deliver business value.

Digital Platforms - Design & Implementation

To remain competitive enterprises must renew and refresh their business model strategies and design and develop digital platforms. DilettUX helps enterprises to understand & define platform strategies and to design and implement the digital platform, aligned with the business strategy. 

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