Defining the Digital Strategy

“Companies cannot scale digital business models if they have not digitized.” – Jeanne Ross, Principal Research Scientist, MIT CISR, MIT Sloan Management Review.

Organizations founded before the rise of the internet face a stark challenge: Many of the fundamental rules and assumptions that governed and grew their value proposition in the pre-digital era no longer hold true.

Some key insights from ITRG:

• Digital strategy is your business strategy. A company is an organism. If you try to optimize the parts you will sub-optimize the whole. You don’t need a strategy for digital, finance, or HR – just a strategy for the business.

Digital does not require radical disruption of the value proposition.
It usually means using digital tools to better serve the known customer need.

Digital is not about technology. It’s about the customer.

Organizations can transform themselves to thrive in the digital age. Digital transformation requires a holistic view of business strategy across five domains: Customers, Competition, Data, Operations & Value.


This consultancy will help you:

• Create your strategy by meticulously looking at five domains: customers, competition, data, operations, and value.

• Comprehend the underlying strategies illuminated through case studies on several organizations.

• Actively collaborate with senior leaders in creating the digital strategy.

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