Digital Platforms

To remain competitive enterprises must renew and refresh their business model strategies and design/develop digital platforms – this requires enterprises to:

  • Understand how digital-native enterprises are using platform business models and associated strategies.
  • Understand their core assets and strengths and how these can be leveraged for transformation.
  • Understand the core characteristics and components of a digital platform so that they can design digital platform(s) for their enterprise.
  • Ask if the client’s digital transformation (DX) strategy is aligned with a digital platform enablement strategy.
  • Ask if the enterprise has paid attention to the structure, culture, principles, and practices of platform teams.

What are the challenges:


  • Enterprise is grappling with the challenges of existing business models and strategies not leading to desired outcomes.
  • Enterprise is struggling to remain competitive.
  • Enterprise wants to understand how to leverage platform strategies and a digital platform.


DilettUX can help you to design and build your enterprise digital platform.



Organizations that implement this project will gain benefits in five ways:

  • Awareness and understanding of various platform strategies.
  • Application of specific platform strategies within the context of the enterprise.
  • Awareness of their existing business mode, core assets, value proposition, and strengths.
  • Alignment between DX themes and platform enablement themes so enterprises can develop roadmaps that gauge successful DX.
  • Design of a digital platform, including characteristics, components, and team characteristics, culture, principles, and practices.

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