Digital Maturity

Adoption of advanced technologies by itself doesn´t signify digital maturity.

Digital maturity assessments overly focus on adopting advanced technologies such as analytics and machine learning, but research shows that poor outcomes are often caused by people issues: culture and organization.

Common organizational concerns:

• Is the organization aligned around a vision? Are goals in place for short- and long-term digital business aspirations?

• Is the organization fostering the mindsets and behaviors critical to capturing digital opportunities?

• Does the organization have the systems, tools, digital skills, and technology needed to achieve its digital goals?

• Is the organization able to provide the desired customer experience over end-to-end journeys?


  • Digital maturity will be assessed across all key dimensions: Strategy, Culture, Capabilities and Customer Journeys. 
  • The results of a digital maturity assessment will be compared to those of peers within and outside of the industry.
  • A comprehensive framework encompassing all dimensions of digital maturity will help identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and identify initiatives to achieve the target state of digital maturity.

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