Data Quality Diagnostic

One of the most consistent challenges members face is maintaining data quality in business systems. 

Ensure your business stakeholders can make decisions
based on quality data and identify and address your business’ data quality needs!

Frequently asked questions:

• Who does this go out to? Stakeholders who actively use the chosen application
• How long will it take participants to complete the survey? 5-10 minutes
• How many questions are there? 7 questions
• What is the target participation rate? 70-75%
• Are anonymous results available? No
• How is the survey Invitation sent? DilettUX sends uniquely
addressed survey links via email to identified participants
• What preparatory documents are required?
– Participant template
– Reviewed invitation
– Reviewed questions
• Can I customize the questions? Yes, but we cannot remove questions or change their core meaning
• Is benchmarking data available? No
• Is there a built in yearover-year comparison? No



We created the Data Quality Diagnostic Scorecard to:

• Measure business satisfaction with data quality
• Deliver training to users and groups who need it most
• Identify and address unmet needs

If you are interested in this service, schedule a call with one of our consultants !


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