CIO – Business Vision Diagnostic

Only 16% of organizations have stakeholders who
are satisfied with IT. 

Stakeholder management is the most important thing you need to do as a CIO, and likely the most difficult. Formally and consistently collect insights from your key business stakeholders so you know the direction IT should be moving in, and how you can enable the business to achieve their goals.

Frequently asked questions:

• Who does this go out to? Business leaders (manager and above)
outside of IT
• How long will it take participants to complete the survey?
10-15 minutes
• How many questions are there? 28 questions
• What is the target participation rate? 70-75%
• Are anonymous results available? Yes
• How is the survey invitation sent? DilettUX sends uniquely  addressed survey links via email to identified participants
• What preparatory documents are required?
– Participant list
– Reviewed questions
– Reviewed invitation
• Can I customize the questions? Yes, but we cannot remove questions or change their core meaning
• Is benchmarking data available? Yes
• Is there a built in yearover-year comparison? Yes



Our CIO Business Vision Survey will enable you to:

• Highlight the business impact of IT constraints
• Prioritize key services and create an improvement roadmap
• Build action plans to manage critical stakeholders

Measure business satisfaction and stop flying blind!

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