CIO as a Service

Have IT Executive Leadership in environments where employing a permanent fulltime CIO is not cost effective.

Having an Information Technology Manager (CIO) as part of your management team is a must regardless of whether your company is a SME. DilettUX offers you this possibility by offering you a tailor-made solution, with an IT Executive who adds a competitive advantage. All this while eliminating the associated risks and protecting your organization for the future at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time CIO on your payroll.

Have a single point of contact to the business

Our solution is tailored to your needs, providing strategic IT expertise remotely on demand or in person at your facility on a regular basis. Through this service we ensure the business the benefit of having a single integrated point of contact for all IT-related issues and, in our case, the CIO’s experience can be distributed to a team of subject matter experts whose knowledge of the Industry trends and technical innovations are up to date due to their exposure as consultants.


• Gives you expert IT executive leadership in environments where hiring a permanent CIO is neither necessary nor cost-effective.
• Is your trusted advisor during supplier negotiations, service level agreement reviews or identifying cost reduction opportunities.
• Gives you peace of mind knowing that your IT wealth is being actively managed by professionals.
• Ensures that the IT strategy and technology roadmap are aligned with the business strategy.
• Keeps you up-to-date on how other organizations operate, bringing industry best practices and innovation.
• Supports the recruitment and development of internal IT capabilities.
• Supports you in complying with legal requirements related to IT.
• Offers you independent governance over IT within your organization.
• Offers you access to experts in cloud strategy and transformation, enterprise IT architecture, contract management, cybersecurity, information management, mergers and acquisitions, project recovery, IT transformation, project management … etc.

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