Applying Design Thinking 

“Stakeholder satisfaction with IT services is shockingly low at a time when the business and IT need to work together the most”  – MaryAnn Welke, Research Director, CIO Practice Info-Tech Research Group.

Business satisfaction with IT is low. IT and the business have independently evolving strategy, initiatives, and objectives. IT often exceeds their predicted project costs and has difficulty meeting the business’s expectations of project quality and time-to-market.

Through this consultancy you will be able to:

• Empathize with business stakeholders. Understand how the business’ needs, wants, and expectations fit into their bigger picture.

• Formalize the business analysis process. Use problem-centric thinking to ensure you use the right approach to solving a business problem.

• Collaboratively create journey maps. Understand how your business stakeholders behave outside of IT’s field of vision.

• Predict business needs and pivot early. Systematically develop and test design hypotheses to quickly and definitively pivot your approach to solving problems.


Use our Design Thinking consultancy to:

• Empathize with the problems the business encounters.

• Dynamically pivot IT projects according to the business’s changing expectations.

• Design IT services and processes that exceed the business’ expectations.

• Build the business’ trust and confidence in IT.

• Position IT as the go-to solver of business problems.

• Develop customer-centric IT strategy.

• Enable IT staff to deliver on the business’ true needs and wants.

• Learn a disciplined process for developing organizational empathy.


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